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Eric Clapton (Encore Feature)

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Eric Patrick Clapton was born on 30 March 1945 in his grandparents' home in Surrey as his mother Patricia was just 16-years-old and his father, Canadian soldier Edward Walter Fryer, had returned to his wife in his native country before Eric's birth.

He was raised by his grandparents and was told that his mother was his sister. He grew up in a musical household with his grandfather being an accomplished piano player.

When Clapton was nine-years-old he learned the truth of his parentage, which affected him deeply turning him into a moody and distant child. He failed his 11+ and attended St Bede's Secondary Modern School before studying art at Holyfield Road School.

At the age of 13, Clapton turned his hand to learning to play the inexpensive Hoyer guitar but found it too difficult. He then learned to play the Stratocaster guitar for which he is most famous.

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